CFTG News & Editorial Service Goes Live!

CFTG members and associates have extensive media industry experience.  We've decided to launch a new project that will further the free flow of information and transparency in Oregonian politics.  CFTG will regularly feature news and editorials on our Facebook page, and will offer additional information platforms in the future.  Visit our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other "social media" sites when we launch them in the future.

Have something to say?

Face it.  Writing letters to the editor of the Medford Mail Tribune is about as thrilling as a box of mothballs.  More often than not, your letter will not get published.  Even if you decide to invest the time to write, you can never be certain the editor will not whack your submission to death -- and maybe even spin your words with selective editing.  Now, you have an alternative!

Send your newsworthy articles and editorials to CFTG and we'll consider publishing your ORIGINAL content.  We already have the eye of movers and shakers in Southern Oregon - and beyond.  If you want to reach opinion leaders, you're looking at one of your best options right now:  CFTG.

Send your submissions to:  HeyOregon @  (note, you need to remove the spaces on both sides of the @ when sending email; we wrote it like that to avoid spam harvesting systems).  We'll publish submissions on our Facebook page.  You will then have the benefit of seeing instant feedback from other people leaving comments.  You'll be able to send the story to others on Facebook and beyond, and not have a subscriber-only block on the content.  When other posts appear, you can add your two cents.  We can't promise we'll publish everything.  We realize that squirrels in Alba Park have rights.  But we'll probably have to decline protest editorials about the city's lawn mower cutting grass too close to rodent dens.  Sorry.  Viva la Rodent Resistance.

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The Future

We have big plans for the future.  We welcome your suggestions!